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1. Do I have to be appointed the legal guardian or have power of attorney to apply on the patients behalf?
2. Do I have to pay all my income to the nursing facility in I stay an entire month?
3. If I am discharged to my home, must I pay my income to the nursing home?
4. If I die while I am a resident of a nursing facility, can my personal allowance funds held by the nursing home go to a designated person?
5. If I must spend down some of my assets to quality, can I pre-plan my burial?
6. Can my spouse or dependent children in the community have my assets and income?
7. If I am a community spouse, must I spend the excess assets solely on nursing home costs?
8. Does the Medicaid program recognize common law marriages?
9. What happens to my home if I go into a nursing home?
10. If I have provided care for the nursing home patient, can the home be transferred to me?
11. If there an alternative to nursing facility placement?
12. Will I be eligible for any assistance after I am discharge from the nursing home?
13. What can I do if I disagree with a decision made regarding my application?