What is small claims court?
Every municipal court and county court in Ohio has a small claims division, known as the “small claims court”. The purpose of the small claims court is to resolve minor disputes fairly, quickly, and inexpensively. No one needs a lawyer in small claims court, but anyone can have a lawyer if he or she wishes. A corporation pursuant to ORC 1925.17 should have a attorney represent it in small claims. The procedure in small claims court is much simpler than in “regular” court. (“regular court” includes the general division of the county court, and the general division of common pleas court.) in small claims court: hearings are informal; there is no jury; cases are decided by the court judge; court costs are much lower than in regular court, etc.

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1. What is small claims court?
2. What cases can the court handle?
3. Who can sue or be sued?
4. Where do I file my claim?
5. How do I file my claim?
6. What does it cost?
7. I’ve been sued! What do I do now?
8. What if the claim is settled before hearing?
9. How do I prepare my case?
10. What is mediation?
11. How does mediation work?
12. Why mediate?
13. What if I do not appear at the hearing / trial?
14. What if I win or lose?
15. How do I get my money?