What will happen at the mediation session?
At the mediation session, you will meet with the mediator, your attorney (if you are represented), the attorney for the lender, the representative from the lender institution (this person may be attending the mediation by phone) and the mediator. You will share your financial information with the lender. The mediator will help to organize your discussions about what arrangements you and the lending institution can agree upon that will allow you to keep your home.

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1. I have received a Summons and a Complaint for Foreclosure. What is this?
2. On the Summons, I am told to file an Answer. What is an Answer?
3. The Summons says that if I do not file an Answer within 28 days, a default judgment could be issued against me. What is a default judgment?
4. With the Summons and Complaint for Foreclosure I received a Request for Foreclosure Mediation and a Questionnaire. What is Foreclosure Mediation?
5. What should I do with the Request for Foreclosure Mediation and Questionnaire?
6. What will I need to do to prepare for the Foreclosure Mediation, and what should I bring to the mediation session?
7. What will happen at the mediation session?
8. What are some possible solutions that may be agreed upon?