What if I do not receive a check within these times frames?
The CSEA request that you allow an additional 7 days after the receipt of collection date before contacting your CSEA Service Representative. If you have still not received a check that was distributed to you, we will contact our financial institution to inquire if the check has been cashed. If the check has not been cashed, a stop-payment order will be issued and a check will be reissued to you. If the CSEA learns the check was cashed, a criminal investigation may be necessary.

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1. Why was S.E.T.S created?
2. Hoes does S.E.T.S. determine the amount of my support checks?
3. Are there exceptions to these priorities?
4. Why are withholding orders issued for a monthly amount?
5. What if I have an order for a weekly or biweekly support payments?
6. Why is the total amount of my weekly support checks less than the monthly amount ordered?
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9. Can my support check be delayed for any other reason?
10. How will I know if my support check will be delayed due to technical problems?
11. How may I obtain information on my S.E.T.S. support checks?
12. What if I do not receive a check within these times frames?
13. What is the collection date for a support check and why is it so important?
14. If I still have a question about my support check what should I do?