Why was S.E.T.S created?
The Ohio Department of Human Services (ODHS) developed the automated Support Enforcement Tracking System (SETS) to effectively manage the Child Support Enforcement Program in order to meet the requirements mandated by the Family Support Act of 1988 (and other mandated or revised requirements implemented since 1987). The main objectives of SETS is to provide an online, central database with complete federally-mandated child support functionality distributed to each of the 88 local Child Support Enforcement Agencies. SETS is designed to support front-line child support professionals in a wide variety of tacks including collection, allocation, and disbursement of support payments.

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1. Why was S.E.T.S created?
2. Hoes does S.E.T.S. determine the amount of my support checks?
3. Are there exceptions to these priorities?
4. Why are withholding orders issued for a monthly amount?
5. What if I have an order for a weekly or biweekly support payments?
6. Why is the total amount of my weekly support checks less than the monthly amount ordered?
7. How often should I receive a support check?
8. Do holidays affect when I should receive a support check?
9. Can my support check be delayed for any other reason?
10. How will I know if my support check will be delayed due to technical problems?
11. How may I obtain information on my S.E.T.S. support checks?
12. What if I do not receive a check within these times frames?
13. What is the collection date for a support check and why is it so important?
14. If I still have a question about my support check what should I do?