Do you accept credit cards?
Yes, but not at the Treasurer’s Office. For instructions on how to pay by credit card, please view pay taxes. At the Treasurer’s Office, we can accept personal checks, money orders, or cash (please do not send cash in the mail). Checks should be made out to Dawn M. Cragon, Ashtabula County Treasurer. Please make sure you have signed your checks. Just a reminder: Postdating your check is against the law.

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1. Why did my taxes go up?
2. What is the tax rate for my taxing district?
3. What should I do if I didn't receive a tax bill?
4. I received my tax bill but it was supposed to go to my bank what should I do? Or visa versa.
5. Are postmark dates acceptable? When are taxes considered late?
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10. Do you accept credit cards?
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