Census Complete Count Committee


Jefferson, OH 44047

The Ashtabula County Census Complete Count Committee was formed in late 2019 to gather community leaders who can help promote participation in the 2020 Census to ensure an accurate count of Ashtabula County residents.

Name Title Email Phone
Ducro IV, J. P. County Commissioner 440-969-4914
Bertholf, Karen Ashtbula County District Library 440-990-2321
Castrilla, Gail Signature Health 440-415-5827
Dunlap, Nick City of Geneva 440-576-4675
Firkaly, Maria Andover Public Library 440-293-6792
Follin, Bev Henderson Memorial Public Library 440-576-3761
Holden, Andrew OSU Extension 440-576-9008
Holdson, Alissa Ashtabula County Community Action 440-997-5957
Nye Jr., William Grand Valley Schools 440-805-4545 option 4 option 1
Wludyga, Scott A-Tech 440-576-6015