Incoming Mail

All incoming mail will be opened and checked for contraband; however, incoming mail will not be read unless there is good cause to believe that the contents contain information relating to escape plans, criminal activities in or out of jail, violation of facility rules, coded language, or racially inflammatory information. Legal mail that is from an attorney, the courts, the Sheriff or the media may only be opened in the presence of the inmate.

Inmate's may receive letters, cards, and photographs in the mail. Inmates may receive up to two books from a recognized distributor, such as Barnes & Noble or Amazon, mailed to the facility in the care of the inmate. Only paperback books will be forwarded to the inmate.  Such books become the property of the facility upon receipt and are loaned to the inmate from the facility library. Inmates may not receive photographs that are determined to be obscene or suggestive, or have nude or partially nude persons in them. They may not receive packages, newspapers, magazines, postage stamps or envelopes. Any items received in the mail that do not meet these requirements will be placed in the inmates property.

All mail must be addressed with the inmates name and mailed to: Ashtabula County Jail, 25 West Jefferson St. Jefferson, Ohio 44047.

Any questions can be directed to the booking office at 440-576-3540.