Uniform Division

The Ashtabula County Sheriff’s Department Uniform Division is responsible for patrolling and handling calls. Our jurisdiction encompasses approximately 700 square miles, consisting of 27 townships and one village. In addition to criminal complaints, our deputies are also responsible for serving court papers.

Our deputies are all OPOTA certified and have extensive training in multiple fields. Our department also consists of an Entry Team, K-9 Unit, Tri-County SWAT Team and many of our deputies carry meth lab remediation certifications.

Staff Directory

Deputy Unit Contact
Lt. Steven Murphy 4-6 Email
Sgt. Scott Daniels 4-9 Email
Sgt. Matthew Johns 4-10 Email
Sgt. Dylan Dean 4-11 Email
Sgt. Brian Sterrick 4-12 Email
Dep. Daniel Stein 4-14 Email
Dep. Tim Wall 4-16 Email
Dep. Michael Simunich 4-17 Email
Dep. Michael Talbert 4-18 Email
Dep. Robert Ginn 4-19 Email
Dep. Matthew Thompson 4-20 Email
Dep. Matthew McBride 4-21 Email
Dep. Jason Francis 4-22 Email
Dep. Monika Brown 4-23 Email
Dep. Christopher Munk 4-24 Email
Dep. Eric Hermsdorfer 4-25 Email
Dep. Matthew Suster 4-26 Email
Dep. John Helfer 4-27 Email
Dep. Jeremy Cusano 4-28 Email
Dep. Joshua Babcock 4-29 Email
Dep. Michael Tsevdos 4-30 Email
Dep. Christopher Kosley 4-33 Email
Dep. Dan Crisan 4-34 Email
Dep. Raymond Beeman 4-35 Email
Dep. John Barhoover 4-36 Email
Dep. Daric Wise 4-37 Email