Home Repair

The purpose of the Home Repair program is to undertake serious home needs throughout the County during the term of the Community Housing Improvement Program. The Owner Home Repair grant will be made available to low income owner-occupants within the County when the necessary repairs are evaluated by the rehabilitation specialist are determined to be a serious health or safety concern.

Trailers/Mobile homes that are situated in a park do not qualify for this program.  Trailers/Mobile homes that are situated on a permanent foundation and are classified as REAL ESTATE can qualify.

A health and safety concern exists when due to severe deterioration, mechanical failure, a hazardous or dangerous condition exists for continued occupancy of the dwelling. Examples of these are as follows, however, not all possible examples are presented and therefore the program staff must make the final decision on whether a true emergency exists.

  • Severe Deterioration – Collapse of a roof or a portion of a roof above an occupied interior space.
  • Mechanical Failure – Either shut down in operation, breakage, and/or stoppage of a mechanical system such as Heating, Plumbing, Wells, Septic Systems, Hot Water Heaters, which result in a complete cessation of their usage by the occupants.
The maximum assistance of this grant is $10,000.00 to eliminate one housing condition or deficiency, which promotes a health and safety hazard to the occupant.