Rules & Emergency Procedures

Passenger Responsibilities
For everyone's comfort and convenience, please observe the following rules:
  • No smoking or chewing tobacco
  • No eating or drinking
  • No littering or defacing property
  • No profanity or boisterous conduct
  • No radios/tape/CD players unless use with ear plugs or head phones
  • No animals with the exception of service animals
  • No fighting, verbal or physical altercations
  • No weapons, ie: firearms, knives, or anything that can cause bodily harm.
Passengers should not engage the driver in extended conversation that does not pertain to the trip. Passengers shall not have a body odor or other
personal cleanliness problem (not protected by the Americans with Disabilities Act) which affects the safe operation of the vehicle or the reasonable
comfort or health of other passengers. Failure to exercise proper conduct may result in suspension of service.


In the event of an accident, illness, or injury, follow the instructions of the driver or refer to the emergency procedure located in the front of the vehicle.