Recording a Deed

Steps For Recording A Deed In Ashtabula County

The first step is to have a new deed prepared from the seller to the buyer. It is recommended that you consult an attorney for assistance with deed preparation. Once the new deed has been signed and notarized, it is presented to the Map Room/ Engineer's Office for approval. The Recorder’s Office records the document after reviewing it and collecting the proper fees.
  1.  Map Room: The property description is reviewed for requirements.
    Requirement: Copy of the prior deed
    Fee: None
    Telephone Number: 440-576-3691
  2. Auditor's Office: The tax records are updated & fees collected.
    Requirements: Conveyance form permanent parcel number(s) on new deed
    Fee: $0.50 per parcel transfer fee
            $4 per $1,000 conveyance fee
    Check should be payable to: Ashtabula County Auditor
    Telephone Number: 440-576-3789
  3. Recorder's Office: A permanent record of the transfer is maintained.
    Requirements: Legible signatures*, notary acknowledgement for grantor(s), name of who prepared the document*, legible type throughout the document
    Review the “Sample Document” tab for additional requirements
    Fee: $34 for the first 2 pages;
    $8 for each additional page per document
    Affidavits of Survivorship: PLUS $4 per deed volume/page reference
    Check should be payable to: Ashtabula County Recorder
    Telephone Number: 440-576-3762
*Requirements for documents signed in Ohio. Print or type names beneath illegible signatures.

The recorded document will be returned to you approximately 10 days after the recording date. A self-addressed, stamped envelope, or postage is appreciated.

If you have any questions regarding the above information, please contact the individual department or call the Recorder’s Office. Thank you for your cooperation.