A child’s parent, guardian or legal custodian may contact the CSEA to request assistance in obtaining an order for child support and medical support by completing the IV-D application. However if an individual is a current or former recipient of Ohio Works First (OWF), Medicaid, or Title IV-E foster care maintenance (FCM) they are already eligible for our services. Ashtabula County was honored in 2006 for being the most improved large county in the state in this area in the establishment of support orders.

The only cases which are not eligible to receive all IV-D services are spousal support only cases. However, if a case includes both child support and alimony / spousal support, then the case would qualify for all IV-D services. Services for which IV-D cases are entitled to receive and non-IV-D cases are not eligible to receive include the following:
  • Federal Income Tax Refund Offset
  • Withholding of unemployment compensation for the payment of support
  • Request to the Internal Revenue of disclosure of taxpayer information for use in establishing and collecting support obligations.
  • Requests to the internal revenue service for the collection of delinquent support
  • Interstate assistance