Community Services & Planning


The office of Community Services and Planning is responsible for three inherently different functions: Community Services, Planning, and the Solid Waste Management District.

Community Services

Applying for and administering Community Development Block Grants (CDBG) and Community Housing Impact Preservation (CHIP) Grants as well as a variety of other government grants for Ashtabula County Commissioners.

As a recipient of CDBG funding, the office also assists citizens with fair housing questions and complaints.


The office approves lot splits in unincorporated portions of Ashtabula County and reviews and accepts applications for major subdivisions that are brought before the Ashtabula County Planning Commission. Townships with zoning submit zoning text and map amendments to Community Services and Planning for review and submission to the Planning Commission. The office also issues address numbers for property within unincorporated areas of all townships, except Ashtabula Township which issues its own address numbers.

Solid Waste Management District  

Additionally, Community Services and Planning administer the Ashtabula County Solid Waste Management Plan. Information about current recycling programs are maintained as is information on how to dispose of hazardous materials. Community education programs are available.