Thermostats can often be sent back to manufacturers for no charge. Check the label inside the thermostat for recycling options. You can also look up recycling information on this website: Thermostat Recycling

Propane Tanks
Due to new government regulations regarding the safety devices on propane tanks, tanks with a round or star-shaped hand wheel have now been rendered obsolete. These old tanks cannot be refilled. Old cylinders can be exchanged at the store where the new tank is purchased. For more information or an exchange location near you, log onto Blue Rhino or AmeriGas.

Fryer Oil
Over 2 million folks across the country deep-fry their turkey every Thanksgiving, and cleaning up can be troublesome. With 3-to-5 gallons of used oil on your hands, disposing of it isn't as easy as just chucking it in the garbage. And don't even think about pouring it down the drain! 

Some city service departments collect fryer oil for disposal. So check with your municipality to see if there is a local drop-off. Also, restaurants and bars might be willing to take your fryer oil and add it in to their regular fryer oil collection.