Environmental Services


  • Ensure that all operations are in accordance with State and Federal permit requirements.
  • Ensure proactive preventative maintenance to enhance the life of the public infrastructure and minimize the interruption of water and sanitary sewerage services.
  • Effectively and efficiently treat, store, and distribute water to meet the social, health and economic/environmental needs of the service area.
  • Effectively and efficiently collect, treat and dispose of wastewater to meet the social, health, economic/environmental needs of the service area.

Mission Statement

Ensure environmental stewardship and public health by operating and maintaining the Water Distribution System and Wastewater Treatment Plants, and associated storage and pumping facilities in accordance with federal and state law, administrative rules and operating permits.


The ACDES operates all wastewater and water operations under respective enterprise funds, completely independent of the County General Fund. All operations and maintenance cost are paid out of customer water and wastewater user rates and other miscellaneous permitting and inspection charges.