Improve Water Quality

Improve water quality by reducing non-point source pollution.

  • Promote proper animal waste utilization and knowledge of H.B. 88 pollution abatement rules through educational programs.
  • Assist in the design and installation of animal waste management systems.
  • Assist landowners on the development and implementation of conservation plans which minimize soil loss to a minimum of “T” or less.
  • Assist landowners in the design and installation of conservation practices which reduce soil loss.
  • Work with County Health Department and county commissioners to promote proper storage and disposal of septage and sewage sludge.
  • Assist County Planning Commission in the implementation of erosion and sediment control standards in subdivision regulations.
  • Encourage cities, villages, and municipalities to adopt erosion and sediment control regulations.
  • Promote the use of erosion and sediment control practices at all governmental levels within the county.
  • Seek grant funding for nonpoint source pollution projects on a watershed basis.