Residential Permit Requirements

  1. Any new structure which is unattached or attached to any other structure that exceeds 200 square feet in size, regardless of type of construction or intended usage.
    • Exception: One-story detached accessory structures used as tool and storage sheds, playhouses and similar uses, provided the floor area does not exceed two hundred square feet and playground structures.
  2. Any alteration of residential structure which includes:
    • The deletion, addition, or movement of walls or structural components or portions thereof. (Note: Certain types of improvements, such as painting, re-roofing over sheathing, new siding over existing wall sheathing, and minor repairs to trim materials shall be considered as maintenance and shall not require a permit.)
    • The construction of additional square footage of structure, including porches and decks, whether enclosed or open, regardless of size or type of structure.
    • Exception: Porches or decks that do not exceed 200 square feet in area and are less than 30 inches high above grade and without roofs or other enclosures will not require a permit.
    • The alteration in size or location of any door or window.
  3. The demolition of any residential structure.
  4. The alteration of, addition to, or replacement of any mechanical or chimney vent pipes, or electrical wiring, fixtures, devices, or equipment.
    • Exception: The repair or replacement of existing devices or equipment shall be considered maintenance and shall not require a permit.
  5. Footers and foundation for all pre-manufactured homes, mobile homes and industrialized units.