Victim Assistance Program

The mission of the Victim Assistance Program is to provide crime victims with the information and emotional support necessary to make their way through the process of seeking justice. Our services are free of charge, confidential, and provided only at the victim's request. 

Victims Rights

The Ashtabula County Prosecuting Attorney's Office will help you know your rights as a victim of crime if you request our assistance.
  1. You have the right to be present at all Court Hearings, and to receive notice of those hearings.
  2. You have the right to information about the criminal investigation and to meaningful discussions with the Prosecuting Attorney or the Assistant Prsecutor handling the case.
  3. You have the right to submit a written Victim Impact Statement to the Court and to make a statement at Sentencing to the judge about the impact of the crime on you.
  4. You have the right to current information aout the defendant's incarceration and the right to go to Parole Board Hearings and speak directly to Parole Board Members.
  5. You have the right to reasonable return of any property that may be held as evidence.

Victim Support

Services are available free of charge to ALL victims of Ashtabula County.

24-Hour Advocacy

Advocates provide emotional support, information and assistance to crime victims and their families at all local emergency rooms, crime scenes and all local police departments upon request.

Criminal Justice System Advocacy

Advocates provide emotional support and assistance to crime victims whose cases are being prosecuted in Ashtabula County along with victims of federal crimes.  Assistance is provided in Ashtabula Municipal Court, Eastern County Court, Western County Court, Conneaut Municipal Court, Grand Jury, all three Common Pleas Courts, Appeals Court, as well as the Parole Board.

Support serves include, but are not limited to, accompanying victims to meetings with Prosecutors or law enforcement, court hearings, trials, sentencing, and parole hearings.  Advocates also provide assistance with Victim Impact Statements, VINE registration, and the Ohio Victims of Crime Compensation Program.

Community Education and Outreach

Staff is available to present all topics we deal with on a daily basis: sexual assaults, internet safety, identity theft, elder abuse, domestic abuse, burglary, etc.  Training is also available for law enforcement, medical staff, social services and other professional staff.
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