Safety Tips & Protocols

Suspicious Packages
  1. Be suspicious of objects found around the house, office or automobile.
  2. Check mail and packages for:
    • Unusual odors
    • Too much wrapping
    • Bulges, bumps, or odd shapes
    • No return or unfamiliar return address
    • Incorrect spelling or poor typing
    • Items sent registered or marked "personal" that are not expected
    • Protruding wires or string
  3. Do not handle the suspect package
  4. Clear the area immediately
  5. Notify your supervisory chain of authority at once
Bomb Incidents
  1. Notify the proper authorities.
  2. Evacuate the wounded.
  3. Move to a clear area away from automobiles, buildings and garbage.
  4. Be alert for secondary bombs.
  5. Stay informed.

At Airport Terminals
  • Use concealed bag tags.
  • Spend as little time as possible at the airport.
  • Pass through airport checks quickly.
  • Go to a lounge or other open area away from baggage lockers.
  • Sit facing the crowd.
  • Maintain physical contact with your carry-ons.
At Hotels
  • Do not give your room, credit card, phone or address numbers to strangers
  • Choose an inside room away from street-side windows
  • Leave lights on when you go out
  • Close the curtains
  • Arrange knock signals
  • Do not give your name when answering phones
  • Lock your door
  • If confronted, have a plan of action ready
  • Use alternate exits and entrances
While Driving
  • Use alternate parking places
  • Lock your car
  • Look for tampering
  • Look under your car
  • Be alert when opening your door
  • Keep gas tank at least half full
  • Alter your travel routes
  • Plan escape routes as you drive
  • Watch for mopeds and motorcycles
  •  Never pick up hitch hikers
  • Keep windows up and doors locked
Above All
  • Use common sense
  • Use good judgment
  • Be ever vigilant and aware of your surroundings
--Information courtesy of the FBI.