Law Library

The Ashtabula County Law Library serves the courts, bar and public of Ashtabula County, Ohio. The main library located inside the Ashtabula county courthouse (B wing) at 25 West Jefferson Street, Jefferson, Ohio is open to the general public. The library is closed on government-observed holidays. The law librarian is not permitted to give legal advice, interpret any documents, fill out forms, or define legal terms.
The law library has sample legal forms available, however the law librarian cannot recommend or fill out forms for you.
The law library maintains a specialized collection, focusing mainly on legal materials for the attorney practicing in Ohio. The collection includes the Ohio Revised Code, local municipal ordinances, court rules, and other general Ohio practice materials.
There are no attorneys on staff at the law library. We recommend that all law library visitors contact an attorney for legal advice. You can contact the following agencies and offices for assistance: